Thursday, May 10, 2012


digging in dirt, planting tender tomato starts and imagining this summer's dinner table overflowing with home-grown produce from my own backyard, gardening wisdom from Bobby, discovering strawberry patches just down the road from my suburban street, sweet sun-drenched berry taste, a morning by the Occoquan with Meredith, creek-stomping and trail walking, talking god and life over a pancake griddle early on a sunday morning, my youth speaking articulately and eloquently and emotionally about how this church has shaped their faith and their future, the sometimes stridently uber-liberal congregant leaning forward from the second row to encourage the youth struggling to admit he's joining the coast guard that yes he could finish his sermon and yes we still love him a lot, bvs stories from 1950s germany and greece, vera and harley's orchids and stories and hospitality, tzatziki with becky, hearing the deep longings of teenage hearts expressed in play-dough and post-its and scrabble tiles, laughing with my co-workers, the usual cast of characters gosspping and cackling through the building, witnessing airport reunions, the peggy+don relationship on mad men, a bed into which i can collapse after a long late journey, good work with good people, and coming home to a church filled with firefighters...and their biceps.

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