Monday, April 09, 2012

holy week

eating together in houses hemmed into homes, sara pugh exuding happiness and seeming centered, unexpected and unexplained moments of grace, prayer writing, washing the feet of a curious 7th grader, having my feet washed by a tentative 6th grader, the unending richness of the love feast and getting to practice it here in this new place, having houseguests, stories from BVS, sara belt's pleasure at being home, episcopal preaching, mom in my driveway, planting cheerful flowers and hanging sharp looking curtains, katerina's pastitsio and tzatziki, coffee and crosswords in the morning, target shopping sprees, nachos with queso, he qi on the bulletins, working together in the church kitchen, gilmores, the intensity of the triduum, waking up singing up from the grave he arose, eating and laughing and celebrating and worshipping with a church family - the same church family who washed my feet on Thursday and called me and welcomed me and is pushing me to learn and live fuller and with lots more integrity - and the JOY of easter morning - joy with potential to fuel far-reaching faithfulness.

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Brilliant:) nothin more to say!
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