Wednesday, February 29, 2012

practice the practice

Here's the thing, of late: There is too much, of everything. Too much to like and too much to hate and too many moments to properly sift through. So I'm teaching the Examen to a whole new gaggle of people, telling the stories of how I stumbled into this practice out of complete accident and then kept at it, and meanwhile completely neglecting to actually practice the practice myself. Of course there are confidentiality considerations, and a newfound regard for personal privacy, too, but nonetheless. Renewed commitment! Examining, daily.

First up, this day.

I like today because of...

the ways the internet allows us to connect and share stories and encouragement, a new green cardigan, worshipping with the community on lenten wednesdays, talking theology, getting invited into people's lives, a dozen lively jr. highs at youth RAP, beth(any)'s straight up offer to host a vent session, and rain on the roof of my house.

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