Sunday, October 09, 2011

oh, Atlanta

hours of uninterrupted roadtrip music listening (wilco! j's fall mix!), a quite posh hotel room with a giant king bed and unlimited internet all to myself, the way FTE gathers people from so many corners of the church and smashes them together (in loving and graceful ways), Parker Palmer dropping some mystic knowledge, Sweetwater on a patio, an atlanta latte, the ways that conversation with j gets filled with shared nuggets of profound philosophy and inane cartoon references, candace's graceful agreeable disagreement, complimentary coke products, that moment in every episode of Parenthood that reduces me to tears, good gospel music setting the stage and lifting everyone in the room up onto their toes, some quality preaching, willy's literal dream tacos and queso, and clicking the ATL snugly into the second-place city spot.


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bekah said...

a) the comment from cheap flights makes me laugh - did ATL tip them off?

b) is PDX the first-place city?