Wednesday, October 19, 2011

church ladies and sacraments

a carload of ladies who've known me my whole life gabbing and cackling and saying "lawdamercy" more times than I could count, the drive through tumbling leaves out to beautiful Camp Bethel, sitting in a room full of women who've spent their long lives in service to the Church, Susan's heart-rending stories of brokenness and hope from the desert places of BVS, my name being shouted out with pride in public places twice in one week (thanks Mom! and JoJo!), places to go and people to see, local produce at the farm-to-table Mockingbird Cafe in Staunton, listening to Lara and Ben, and the stories that make up the relationships that lead to weddings that I get the privilege of officiating.

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Signed said...

Cool blog love the stream of consciousness joy of life thing, it is beautiful reading thanks.