Sunday, September 04, 2011

retreat: a treat, once more

greeting a gaggle of BVSers after six months of service, wily games of werewolf, cooking for a crowd, laughing with cal: the best retreat roommate ever, paddling down the Fox River behind a few canoes full of BVSers in life preservers, hobos on the campfire, s'mores, rambling through the woods crashing through spider webs and flushing out frightened does, the curved trunk of an old old tree and the way it shot out a big ol' branch to correct its own posture, vonnegut's commentary, hearing story after story of transformation in process ("i'm realizing that there's more than one way to live life..." "i want to live in community permanently..." "where are you seeing the Divine?"), and ending several years' worth of work and immersion in the exact same spot that I started it back in March of 2009 - on this canoe dock on the Fox:

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