Saturday, September 24, 2011

PDX, otherwise known as Eden

driving the hills of highway 7, vonnegut on the plane, beth(any)'s face picking us up at the airport, hours spent wandering the city block that is Powell's Books, lunch with the lovely and newly relocated Portland Audrey, fresh local brews everywhere you turn, funny movies in repurposed elementary school auditoriums, an unbeatable Stumptown latte,

Bo and Mogh befriending me...after a while, wandering in the signature Portland rain, gyros on the stoop, the lovely lovely people of Portland Peace CoB, witnessing an anointing and inappropriate flirting, Burgerville's sweet potato fries,

driving through the reforested Tillamook, cheese and wine tastings, getting caught in the Pacific tide, holding Beth's hand while exploring creepy cliffside caves, hot tea and seafood in a window overlooking the rocky coast, artsy neighborhoods, incredible waterfalls,

Oregonian creek stomping, winding highway 30 ending at the unbelievable Vista House view,

fish and beer with the Portland BVSers (oh, what a delightful crowd!), Jen Carter's lovely Vancouver life, driving the Mazda 6 over the mountains and to the coast, Cannon Beach's small town streets and big big ocean, dungenes crab on fresh baked bread, walking the shoreline filled with sand dollars and crab shells and seaweed,

coffee served in an unexpectedly delightful french press at the creperie where a gluten mistake netted me a free nutella crepe, climbing the Astoria column for this view,

coming home to Beth's homemade meal, the deep dark chocolate brownies at New Seasons, lunch from the double decker Grilled Cheese bus, Beth's incredible grace and hospitality, Sara Pugh's perfectly pitched traveling companionship, and a week of what might just be the best vacation yet.

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