Saturday, August 20, 2011

i like this week because of...

road trips with my sister, walking into a beach house filled with my family, lying prostrate on the sand soaking up as much vitamin D as possible, long walks down the shoreline, cooking for a crowd, Eva's southpark-esque pronunciation of "silly putty,"

coloring and blowing bubbles, rocking on the front porch with the sound of the surf in my ears, minute to win it evening activities, rediscovering the Madonna pandora station and recognizing it to be perfect for a beach vacation, the view underneath the weathered pier,

showering out of doors, securing a cornhole tournament victory, dolphin fins circling out in the ocean, perfectly exfoliated feet from beach walking, watching the sun rise and set and change the world from dark to light and dark again from the same vantage point at dawn and dusk,

frogmore stew poured straight on the table for us all to pick through, cousins from germany and their international cuisine, the green green seagrass on the intercoastal waterway,

pelicans diving for their breakfast, uninterrupted hours of novel reading and daydreaming, lynsey's blueberry poundcake, watching bobby and jojo with their expanding family sprawled out all around them on the beach,

and doing nothing and knowing that nothing is exactly what i'm supposed to be doing.

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