Monday, June 27, 2011

the wild goose

hobos cooked on a campfire, lightning bugs at nightfall, crowds of shiny happy people, vincent harding's history of the FREEDOM movement (when they were singing, nobody ever sang "woke up this morning with civil rights on my mind!"), Locopops, becca stevens' theology of healing, new ways of peacemaking, the glorious feeling of being sweaty and stinky and bug-eaten and campy, songs of home sweeping over me under a tent on a roasting day with a light breeze running by, butterflies flitting through spirited sessions, chaco tans, and rocks crying out the song of the Spirit moving and healing and testifying and pulling us all along with her.

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Sharon said...

Dana Beth. I will join you for all of these wonderful things anytime you say so! Shall we start planning for next summer?!