Thursday, December 16, 2010

of course I know nothing about you...

the satisfaction of a clean house, an occasional latte, jojo and bobby singing together, bobby's delighted excitement at the clarity of the world after cataract surgery ("Well! I'll tell you! You just have no idea how clear that is!"), donna's cheery little fair-trade shop downtown filled with her friendly nature, picking up office flair postcards that remind me to get off the computer every once in a while, beginning to craft christmas card messages in my head, sweet potato fries with plenty of CSA garlic and fresh rosemary filling my entire house with savory scent, particularly poignant and adorable messages from strangers in my mail*, picking up a book and being immediately drawn deeply into another world, and the kid-like anticipation that accompanies a night with predicted snowstorms and the possibility of waking up to a winter wonderland and a forced day of resting and nesting.

*BVS shares the addresses of all our current volunteers with churches every year so that they can send volunteers in the field Christmas cards. So far, I've received over 25 cards from strangers - lots are homemade, some include pictures of Sunday school classes, one woman sent me stamps, and today's included this very, very sweet message:

"Dana, A basket was passed around at our church and I drew your name. Of course I know nothing about you and you know nothing about me. I was in BVS in 1966. I served at Bar 41 Ranch, a home for delinquent boys and a few girls. What an experience. It seems a very long time ago. Now we are deacons at our church and grandparents too. Are you from PA or another state? What is the project you are on? Enough questions. I hope you have a blessed Christmas."

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bekah said...

Florin COB?
I heard about their basket passing today :)