Tuesday, December 28, 2010

rewind: Christmas Eve

the scent of bacon frying filling my whole house, breakfast casserole, brunch with the belcher clan, my tiny cousins' looks of awe and elation when they tore open their gifts, henry deciding he liked his cousins' walkie-talkie so much that he wanted a "honky tonky" of his own, trisha's red velvet cake and mary's bacon-wrapped dates, the coen brothers' genius brought to bear on the classic western, sue's annual christmas eve gathering complete with creme de menthe brownies and corona, the stained glass windows in cloverdale's sanctuary, my mom leading liturgy, worshipping by candlelight, leah's heroic present-saving antics, and the incarnate God (says Sara Miles: "The thing that sucks about being a Christian is that God actually lives in other people.").

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