Sunday, December 05, 2010

return to Cincy

waking up before the alarm, leftover bacon lattice for breakfast, a brisk walk through the impending-snow air, snowflakes swirling around me all the way through west virginia, the new yorker's podcast of authors reading other authors, walking into the Cincy BVS house and feeling both at home and something very new, hugs from Thorsten and Jonny, chatting with Jamie, much discussed issues becoming actually embodied, and a night on the infamous Couch - aka Sof(i)a.


Pastor Nicole said...

What, my dear friend, is bacon lattice? Sounds delish.

Dana said...

Oh, Nicole, it was my thanksgiving contribution: sweet potato pie with bleu cheese crumbles and a bacon lattice. check it out:

Ben said...

Ah, Sof(i)a. How I miss that foxy lady.