Tuesday, November 09, 2010

this is my job

drinking what was perhaps the most delicious latte ever created at Stumptown Coffee, navigating public transportation, the cozy (and only a bit crowded) Portland BVS community house, church members dropping by every day to check on the volunteers, lounging and chatting with jon and ben, spicy beans and quinoa, drifting in and out of a couch nap as dusk falls and fragments of conversation and sounds of dinner being made float over from the kitchen, family dinner on the living room floor, jon's freshly baked bread, community journeys, late-night chats with BVS communities, and the fact that doing this - hanging out, making space for relationships and community, drinking coffee and traveling the world - this is my JOB.


Joram said...

you have the talent to make the ordinary extraordinary :]

bekah said...