Thursday, November 11, 2010


beth(any)'s immediate bolt from sleep to wakefulness when I reminded her (ever so gently) that we really needed to be heading to the airport before 6am, leapin' lemurs for breakfast, on-time flights and frequent flyer perks, landing in the Rockies where snow had already gently covered the landing strip and realizing - belatedly, as my toes turned blue on the chilly plane - that it really is probably time to put away the Chacos for the winter, book recommendations from fellow passengers, a tiny black lab puppy curling up on its owner's lap at the gate, N.T. Wright's podcasted brilliance, convincing my seatmate that it really might be a good idea for his daughter to attend VT even if he had to drive a ways to get to her, mom's face picking me up in roanoke, and having access to the a-chronological virtual world when time zones fly by and I have no idea where in the world I am or what time it ought to be.

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Joram said...

I love the way you refer to people's faces at times.