Saturday, October 30, 2010

we are one body, but you guys down in our overactive immune system sure are making me ANGRY!

appropriate fall temperatures bringing out the blankets, the smell of fresh laundry, new contacts sharpening the edges of the world, the texture and aroma and experience of chopping fresh herbs, filling my apartment with the scent of butternut squash soup, being able to sit through another infuriating conversation and laugh at its absurdity and actually like the people whose words so anger me (even as my optimism gets chopped up right in front of my eyes and my opinions get rejected and ignored and my brothers and sisters refuse to uncross their arms or open their hearts even a tiny crack lest the devil get in and beat their jesus up and take him away...what kind of faith is that, y'all?), late-night stories from bethany in portland and commiserating with a butterflied bekah in indiana.

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