Saturday, October 16, 2010


a rash of newly employed friends, JLM's impending east coast closeness, dance party celebrations, jenkins up, waking up early to cook and feed dozens of hungry volunteers, regina spektor before dawn, the immense privilege of getting to work with cal and don and jon, a portland community house shaping itself right up (about time!), hug trains, sending 31 new BVS volunteers out into the world, an airport BLT, free beer on board, good music to carry me through a long cross-country flight, cal and crystal's airport reunion, sharon and ben's faces picking me up at ORD, em and audrey in elgin, and getting to be a part of people's lives - to rejoice when they rejoice and sometimes weep when they weep (but especially, lately, rejoicing so much that my cheeks are smile-sore from all the beauty).

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Callie said...

Ohhhh! We also thoroughly enjoyed the airport reunion! It was perfect!