Sunday, October 24, 2010

H-O-K-I-E-S Hokies!

waking up with a head full of song, Roanoker fried chicken filling the car with delectable aromas, driving down I-81 under cloudless blue skies, mountain ridges ablaze in yellows and oranges and reds, tailgating in the shadow of Lane Stadium, virginia ham biscuits, the bone-crushing sound of a good football tackle, dancing the hokey pokey in the stands, the charming old guy sitting next to me detailing his life and asking all about mine, texting scores to my dad across the world, lying on bobby and jojo's floor for a while, j's annual autumn mix chasing me around the country and finally arriving on my salem doorstep accompanied by a lovely postcard from margaret at myrtlewood and wrapped cozily in a delightful note from bethany in portland (the perfection of this little morsel of joy cannot begin to be dissected), and spending the day with hokie football and these guys (what better to do on an autumn saturday in the blue ridge?):

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