Sunday, October 03, 2010

and when i fall

white cats meowing on the porch, banana slugs greeting me in the morning, soups and chilis and homemade bread on the BVS budget, watching 30 people greet the earth and the wind and enter a cleansing native american sweat, rushing creek water flowing down the ridges, yellow leaves falling gently from the branches into the current, exploring camp and feeling as if i've been transported to the dawn of creation - ferns and moss cover the world and it seems like a couple of naked humans are just about to emerge out of the flora, singing together, banjos around the campfire, laughing, marley the dog romping around, and lying outside in jon's front yard staring at a sky so full of stars (shooting!) and shining planets that it looks like we ought to be afraid falling right off the earth.

and when i rise
let me rise up
like a bird
without regret

and when i fall
let me fall down
like a leaf
without regret

-w. berry

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bekah said...

Myrtlewood is a magical, magical place. I have so much joy reading this, remembering Marley, that place, the green-ness, the happiness, the contentedness when there. Also joy when thinking about the new BVSers, their new journey, the transformations that will occur, the excitement.

A few things: ya gotta get John J. to lick a banana slug, ewwww! I think it makes your tongue numb or something. When we were there for workcamp we decided our group was a band: Cap'n Bob and the Banana Sluggers :) And, alas, "and when i rise" was not written by Wendell Berry - I have a hand written letter from him to prove it (and I will never, ever throw it away).