Monday, September 20, 2010

rhythm and roots

pumpkin spice latte, driving down I-81 with Em, genuine southern pork barbecue, red molly's lady harmony making me cry, straddling two states, sitting in the sunshine, the grit pixies proving that tiny jewish girls in pink dresses can play the blues, dancing endlessly to cadillac sky's incredibly entertaining stage show, drifting down state street into tent after tent for all kinds of delightful music, joy killing sorrow, sleeping on the creek bank, waking up to the sunshine and random nascar practice runs in the bristol speedway, fresh peaches for breakfast out of doors, the holston mountain boys pickin' their way through pearl jam, lullabyes from the honey dewdrops, the MSG acoustic blue trio lifting me right out of my seat, the carolina chocolate drops reaching back into some of the nasty parts of the past and pulling out a bunch of beautiful, haunting melodies, and one more reason to love this part of the world.

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