Saturday, September 04, 2010

retreat: a treat, once more!

driving through the fields of the flatlands, chopping and cooking and feeding a big bunch of people (work with immediate and tangible and nourishing results), innumerable stories of brokenness and surprise and transformation from volunteers, s'mores, jim lehman's wisdom and laughter and ability to deepen a conversation with a single comment, being reminded again and again that this work makes space for people to be changed, hospitality, waking up to rain rustling the trees and drumming on the roof, mumford and sons spurring me on during an early morning run, trying and failing and trying again, my "squirrely" co-workers, late evening couch chats, pheasants strutting across a country road, the mystic harmony linking sense to sound and sight, micah 6:8, people-watching at ORD, watching the Chicago shoreline disappear in the night, and landing through the clouds back down into my valley.

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