Sunday, August 22, 2010

very much alive

the scent of garlic lingering in my kitchen (not for itself, really, but because it reminded me of last night's successful spontaneous dinner party), npr's weekend programming, crosswords on the porch, the volunteer vine of some sort that insists on crawling up the wall outside my window and forcing me to imagine my life lived in a tree house, tina fey, the art of the short story, afternoon naps, driving up the mountain, the homeplace's roast beef and mashed potatoes and peach cobbler, celebrating 28 years of being "very much alive" with my people, and 14 full-grown adults baying and braying and making complete fools of themselves on the front lawn of the restaurant to serenade me with what may possibly have been the most (ahem) original version of "Happy Birthday" yet to make an appearance in this world.

(from Dad's droid)

(from AMJ2's pic of the day - and Susan)

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