Monday, August 16, 2010

oh weekend, you're a peach

baseball + hot dogs + beer, working from my parents' kitchen table, fork in the city's patio, roanoke railhouse track 1 brew, sharon in the 'noke, cooking with fresh basil and juicy tomatoes, being taught compassion and reminded of my brokenness, david sedaris' where the wild things are exposing our deepest fears - of loneliness, laughing with my fam, craigger's steady and trustworthy and pastoral presence, kids singing in worship, the old old man sitting behind me reciting the Lord's prayer in a deep and deeply pockmarked VA accent full of life well-lived, A Prairie Home Companion, giant thunderstorms, creek stompin' with my sister, potlucks with the FCoB family, and getting dragged into the long and exhausting work of heart-change.

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