Friday, June 04, 2010

we are one body

big yellow butterflies flitting across the road, being welcomed with big friendly hugs, singing together, the cool clean connected feeling of having my feet washed by a friend, sitting inside layered harmonies, s'mores, the smell of campfire lingering in clothes and hair, good conversation, canoe lessons from Brother Bear, Sharon's head resting on my shoulder, talking about why we are who we are, LAUGHING, drum circles, joke-telling, Bekah's voice lifting, Leah + Athena's easy adventurousness, Jordan's intentionality, and a seriously uplifting weekend with the CoB YAC-ers.

(that's Matt McKimmy's photo)

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bekah said...

I haven't had to come "down the mountain" from a conference/camp like this since...well probably the last time I left camp as a staffer. I'm seriously having the post-YAC blues...

and I love you.