Saturday, May 08, 2010

mi madre

My mom.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, but yesterday was the day that my mom spent her entire day off sitting with this sick, miserable adult daughter. And, besides, she's amazing in a million other ways. She loves everyone she meets, and tells them that (the other day, she wondered aloud how she could ever give hugs to some people but not to others). She fights for what she thinks is right (I especially remember when I was in 1st grade and wanted to be a cheerleader. The booster club refused to create a team - we were too young - so my mom dug around in a creepy elementary school basement for uniforms, made us all yarn pompoms for our shoes, and became a cheerleading coach. Just like that.) She is wise, and funny, and really really strong. And she has very cute laugh lines around her eyes from all the chuckling she's done over the years.

I like lots of days because of my mom (in fact, I suppose you could say I'm able to like EVERY day because of her), but today especially.

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bekah said...

YOU were a cheerleader. I need a picture!