Saturday, April 17, 2010

paris, je t'aime (un peu)

navigating the parisian subway on my own, marcus aurelius' plaster head staring into my soul, impossibly huge palaces housing impossibly ancient and impossibly gorgeous works of art, walking through the tulip-filled Tuileries, wandering into the Orangerie and being struck dumb at the sight of Monet's water lilies, friendly hostel clerks upgrading me to a private room, waking up to John knocking on the hostel door at 7 am in PARIS, walking the entire city again and again, cheese and wine and cheese and wine and cheese and wine, Rodin's huge feet and curved hands, wandering around parisian streets watching parisian people and smelling parisian smells, ambling beside the Seine, sidewalk cafes full of mid-afternoon retreat, silent cathedrals drenched in sunlight, rounding a corner and being greeted by the Eiffel Tower, street food, ice cream on the Ile Saint Louis, walking the Champs Elysees, climbing up to Sacre Couer, soccerball dribbling street performers climbing lamp posts while balancing the ball on their heads, traveling on my own, Van Gogh's self-portraits with the sad and steady eyes holding down the rest of the swirling frame, train stations turned museums, touring the Left Bank, people-watching in the perfectly manicured Luxembourg gardens, John's gallivanting across Europe becoming the perfect excuse for a trip to Paris, the Moulin Rouge windmill lit up at night, wine and cheese and wine and cheese - and baguettes, feeling at-home in a small but huge city, and having the guts to just get on a plane and Paris.

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