Monday, April 19, 2010

Deutschland? Ganau!

navigating french train stations and german trains on my own, friendly seatmates, uberfast and uberclean and ubercomfortable DeutschBahn trains, walking into the Mannheim station atrium and seeing ASH (and Capone!), german thai takeout, sleeping in, wandering the streets of Mannheim, friendly ladies beckoning us into the bakery, clowns blowing up balloons and wafting bubbles across the planken, cooking spaetzel and spargel, eating flammekeuche on the square, talking to a healing JoJo across the ocean, shared history and anxieties, traveling by train, narrow european streets, the crazy Heidleburg castle, picnicking in the gardens, tulips and gargoyles and statues and fountains, cheese and wine and gummis and gelato, spring's first good dose of vitamin D, german beer, les miserables, capone the bulldog and his huge slobbery dog-face, sitting by the river, returning to the internet, hanging out with Ash, and a place to stay when volcanos erupt and disrupt my (always fragile) life's plan.

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bekah said...

I might have to stop reading these until you get back. very jealous. and missing you.