Thursday, September 24, 2009


concert podcasts for the flight, the avett brothers, a.j. jacobs making me laugh out loud in the airport, wind farms spinning lazily on brown hills, driving through the sierra nevadas, the smell of pine hanging heavily in the air, west coast dry heat that makes me feel what can only be described as clean, hiking through forests and under cliffs, awe-inspiring sheer granite cliffs, the 1860s Wawona lodge where you expect hoop-skirted women and leather-breech-ed men to come around the corner at any moment, broad front porches on which to have cocktails or drink coffee, quiet giant sequoias standing patient and stately as if they knew that these precocious humans would soon enough learn to leave them be, john muir's passion and dedication and ability to fit some words together to inspire others, the very idea of a national park, ansel adams' photographic eye, picnicing by a mountain river, climbing fallen trees and stomping through alpine waters, living a chaco life, these young whipper-snappers that think they know what it is to be a ridge wannabes, and vacation with fam.

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LeDonia said...

ok i like this post a lot.