Monday, September 14, 2009


the fact that my job is calling out gifts and creating opportunities for people, realizing anew every time i describe what i do that i'm actually passionate about it, ben bear's willingness to commit and see what happens, driving country roads where everything is left to grow wild, butterflies flitting across the road, a family of deer greeting me at camp, collaborative planning, being welcomed home, and talking seriously and not-so-seriously about living simply.

waking up to birdsong and morning chill, camp food that defies all camp food definition, the simple and profound practice of reading scripture in community, autumn sunshine, singing in 4 part harmony, being held accountable, stray internet, and sleeping through the night in an apartment all my own.

walking across the street to the coffee shop, mill mountain coffee, a bagel toasted and ready for me, bethy132 and shared commiseration, ingrid michaelson, my sister's surprise birthday present expedition, homemaking, unpacking, finding proper places for things, the mountain views at botetourt country club, the mountain views around every corner in this town, hugs from FCoB folk, being surrounded by SW VA accents, banana pudding, and sorting through a pile of backlogged emotions.

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